So this was the second magic truffle trip for my girlfriend and I. We were taking the Philosophers Stones Truffles and I was using 17.5 grams and my girlfriend 12.5 grams. The living room was set up with some deep house playing, colored lights and some recorded night time baby tv on with its psychedelic visuals. Think they've been tripping too! It was around 7pm when we ate them and we hadn't eaten since 1pm. I don't mind the taste of them and have no problem, my girlfriend eats small amounts of chocolate along with them because she's not to keen on the bitter after taste.

I started feeling them kick in pretty quickly, 10 minutes probably and it wasn't long before i was seeing some geometric patterns on the carpet. Faintly coloured at first and growing in intensity over the next hour. As some time passed I started seeing the patterns over the walls and tables. The colours became super bright unbelievably vivid and they started to lift off the floor in a fuzzy kind of energy field that was rippling in time to the music. I felt really euphoric at this point. I think it was around this time that it felt like the whole room tipped forward and i was looking straight down on the opposite wall.

As I watched the incredible visual display and listened to the music I started thinking that the shapes were a visual representation of the musical vibration. This led to an intense feeling of the interconnectedness of everything in the universe and I felt such a love and joy for life I felt like crying. At this point I was feeling myself connected with everything and as I looked down at my body I could see the patterns all over my self and I could feel my body melting away into the sofa. I closed my eyes and thought that the real world is within and not what I see in front of me. I could feel another wave coming onto me, even stronger, and I said, show me, show me everything don't hold back. I was then inside my mind, and i decided I wanted to travel further, deeper into my mind. There were patterns that i was travelling through and it was getting darker and darker the deeper i went into my mind. I was shown flashes of anger as i travelled along, i think it was pointing out my own shortcomings. I carry too much anger. As I went further it felt like I came out the other side, into what I could only describe as pure love. There were no visuals, there was no sensation of movement, of matter, or mass, my body was gone and I had become love.

My girlfriend was apparently enjoying watching some incredible visuals with amazing rainbow colours, while inside a bubble where the visuals didn't come into. A cushion on the sofa had become some kind of trip guide to her and was talking and giving advice! She found the visuals so beautiful she cried a little.

My mind had come back into the room again and i was enjoying the visuals in the room, paintings on the wall changing in size and colours all over the room changing. As another wave was hitting me it started to increase in speed and aggressiveness, the colours seemed to be getting darker and the room felt a little like it was closing in on me, with a general menacing feeling. I said, in my mind, I don't want this i'm going to change it and closed my eyes. I then felt a kind of pressure on the sides of my head and then next thing I know i'm being born, I'm coming out of a woman and moving into a light. As it was happening I really felt I was being reborn and then I started realizing I had lived other lives in the past and that everything is reborn and goes in cycles. When I thought about things that had happened earlier in the trip I was looking back at another persons experiences, that wasn't me anymore.

As my mind came back into the room once more, my head was reeling from the enormity of everything i'd been shown and had experienced and wasn't sure how much more I could take in. At this point I was feeling quite serious about things and not light hearted and loved up like the first trip. The trips intensity started to drop off now and I was able to enjoy eating some chocolate a little while later. Little things like my girlfriends hair on my face felt amazing and her skin under my fingers. Even putting my finger in my ear to scratch an itch felt really pleasurable.

We went outside for a walk and some fresh air once we had moved into a more kind of stoned phase and talked a little bit about the experience each of us had that evening. The trip for my girlfriend had some serious aspects as well and she had reflected on some things from her life. We also became a little giggly for the first time that evening. It was half ten when we headed back to the house for a cup of tea (yes we are English) and some food we had already bought in preparation. She had wanted sex a little bit earlier on, but i wasn't really up to it, as I was still trying to make sense of the universal brain fuck i'd just received! Anyway, I was now ready to go and started with some oral on her that she said was super intense. She then went to work on me, and the pleasure far outweighed any sober sex i've ever had.

We slept great and woke up feeling good the next morning. The experience for me was a religious, mystical, spiritual thing that i'm still trying to fully come to terms with. The most profound experience of my life.